How to Contact Our Support Team

Please read these five things before contacting us:

1. We're not interested in affiliate manager offers, buying domain names, promoting affiliate products, or joint ventures.

2. Time doesn't permit us answering anything other than support related questions.

3. Please keep any email you send us short and to the point.

4. If you don't receive an expected email from us, please check whatever folder your email program directs suspected spam emails to (bulk, junk, spam, etc.) before contacting us.

5. Questions concerning the purchase, downloading, and/or delivery of any of our books on Amazon should be directed to Amazon Customer Service.

You can contact our support team by sending an email to:


The use of spambots necessitates presenting our email address in this format and changing it from time to time. Simply replace the [at] with an @ and each of the two [dot]s with a .

As a rule, unless otherwise noted below, we check for and reply to support emails once each business day. Therefore, if one is warranted, you can usually expect a reply to your email by the end of the next business day. Business days are Monday - Friday, excluding United States holidays.

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